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Jewelry for Holiday Gift giving

Hot off the pliers, brand new jewellery creations just in time for Christmas and other Holiday celebrations!

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Ammolite pendant! Great Mother’s Day gift

Fantastic Colors!



Ammolite is often regarded as the Rarest Gem on Earth, Ammolite/Ammonite is the shell fossil of an ancient Mollusk type creature that lived in a shallow sea covering most of southern Alberta 60-70 Million years ago.  This beautiful stone is becoming increasingly rare as it is rapidly being mined out.
The gems look different at different angles and differing light conditions, so no two are ever alike and one can understand why it is so sought after!This particular stone shows all the colors of the rainbow – very beautiful, very fascinating and very rare!

I have handcrafted this truly unique gemstone in 14k gold-filled wire and this creation measures just over 1 1/2″ long (40 mm) and  1 1/8″ wide (30 mm)


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