Bracelets!!! Pearls, kitty cats, flowers, humming birds, butterflies, ladybugs and more!

Bronze-pearl Bronze-pearl1 Hello-Kitty Jasper-on-copper ladybugs-and-butterflies Moon-and-stars spring-mix spring-mix1 spring-mix2 Tabby-cat under-the-sea under-the-sea1 under-the-sea2

Fresh off the pliers these one of a kind bracelets are sure to add sparkle to any wardrobe!

We have copper, gold-plate, silver and stainless steel bracelets. Made with a huge variety of beads; a little bit of everything to suit a variety of tastes!

We have pearls, kitty cats, humming birds and starfish.  There are Swarovski Crystals, pewter and glass beads.  We even have a bead of Saturn 🙂

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Name this Frog/Toad


I Love Daylilies!!! 

They come in all colors, sizes, they are so easy to grow, deer leave them alone, bugs generally leave them alone – what’s not to like???

But, as their name implies, the flower only lasts for a day.  So, everyday, I go and wander my garden ( I have a least 40 plants) and see what is blooming.

I found out I wasn’t the only one that enjoys Daylilies -imagine my surprise when I found this little guy hanging out in a bloom!

So is he a tree frog of some kind, or a toad??? 

And how on earth did he get up into that flower???

I LOVE to garden, it gives me such an outlet for my creativity 🙂

And so does making jewelry! Many of my earrings are made with flowers in mind.

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