Bracelets!!! Pearls, kitty cats, flowers, humming birds, butterflies, ladybugs and more!

Bronze-pearl Bronze-pearl1 Hello-Kitty Jasper-on-copper ladybugs-and-butterflies Moon-and-stars spring-mix spring-mix1 spring-mix2 Tabby-cat under-the-sea under-the-sea1 under-the-sea2

Fresh off the pliers these one of a kind bracelets are sure to add sparkle to any wardrobe!

We have copper, gold-plate, silver and stainless steel bracelets. Made with a huge variety of beads; a little bit of everything to suit a variety of tastes!

We have pearls, kitty cats, humming birds and starfish.  There are Swarovski Crystals, pewter and glass beads.  We even have a bead of Saturn 🙂

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Kitty cat in a Basket hancrafted pendant

Dichroic Kitty in a basket pendant

Cuddly Kitty in a Basket

Colorful dichroic bead wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire and enhaced with 3 sparkling Swarovski crystal beads!  Precious 🙂

This lovely piece of handcrafted jewelry measures about 2″ long and 1 3/8″ wide (50 x 35 mm)

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Kitty Cats are Superior Pets!

Why Cats are the Superior pet!

SamwiseBuffet Kitty

What’s not to love about them? They’re independent (just try calling them), entertaining ( give them a box and a piece of string and watch the show…), loving (when they want to be), they love to give you gifts ( hairballs and the occasional dead rodent) and they purr! Exactly what you need to wind down at the end of the day

Ancient Egyptians regarded cats as embodiments of the goddess Bast, and their major duties were to to kill the mice and rats trying to get into the royal granaries. Cats were considered sacred at this time, and the death of a cat by human hands (whether deliberate or accidental) was punishable by death.

Vikings used cats as rat catchers and companions and are sometimes credited with the domestication of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Kittens were often given to brides, in the name of Freya, the Viking goddess of love, fertility and war, thereby linking together Freya’s influence over both cats and romance.

Cats and sailors have a special bond stretching back centuries to the days of the pharaohs. The ship’s cat is a respected and important member of the crew, charged with rat control, and not a pet. So respected is the ship’s cat that mutinies have occurred because the captain kicked the cat.

In Asia, cats were often used in the temples to control mice, who would otherwise chew on the prayer scrolls, and many became semi- mystical. The Tibetan lamas revered cats for their patience.


So you can see, cats have been worshiped and respected throughout history. Me – I just love them for their warmth, companionship, soft silky fur and the way they make me feel after a long day at work

One of my favorite You Tube videos

This one is just plain funny!

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I have even made a Kitty Cat charm/pendant that is for sale on my web-site,

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Wired Kitty