For the past 25 years, my day job has been a licensed Aircraft Mechanic and Inspector, working on Piper Cubs to Boeing 747s. I have been twisting Stainless Steel Safety wire for all of that time and who would have thought that skill could transfer over to wire wrapping jewelry ? ( Trust me – Sterling Silver and 14k Gold filled wire are sooooo much easier to work with πŸ˜‰

People who view and buy my work often comment that my pieces have a good sense of color and balance and that my wraps are very neat and clean. With pendants, I strive to bring out the stones\’ own natural beauty πŸ™‚Β  I also use the finest material available – you won\’t find any cheap plastic in my work! Now isn\’t that what you are looking for in hand made jewelry? My philosophy has been to do it right because if it doesn\’t sell, I might be wearing it myself!!!!


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  1. Hello my name is William and I have a question for you.Do you ever use gemstones provided by a customer to wrap for them for a fee?

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