How to Design your Craft Stall – Hints, Tips and Tricks

Chrissie Freeth - Tapestry Weaver

Grab yourself a brew, get comfy, this is a bit of a whopper of a post. No skimming – I’ll know if you do.

Times are hard for anyone who sells at craft fairs. People are looking, but they are buying less. As Kirsten Miller in UK Handmade recently discussed, fairs are becoming more about networking and marketing than shifting stock. To stand out, to succeed, there is far more to setting up your pitch these days than simply dumping your wares on a table. Your stall has to stand out, and it has to sell you and your business as well as your goods.

I’m no marketing expert but I’m sharing what I learned on the way to my first craft fair, some of the things I thought about when it came to designing my stall, and some of the questions I found it useful to face. Hopefully it…

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